The Journey Begins

I really love to write. I feel like I can reach a part of me when I write that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This past summer I spent a lot of time writing, and I feel like I learned a lot. Now the autumn is setting in with friends and studies looming over me, but I still really want to be able to write and feel like I am making progress.

So I figured I would start this blog. The goal is to reflect a little bit every day, I suppose. To be conscious about the way I prioritize, what I focus on, how I am doing and wether I am making any fundamental progress. Here’s hoping this won’t be the only post.

I really want to write the second draft of the story I wrote this summer. Ideally I would be doing this in September and October (I’m already a day behind my daily goal, but lets not focus on that).

In addition I hope to keep up with weekly writing exercises for my writing-group. They’re not big, but they’re fun. And it is really helpful to be able to talk through the exercises with the group.

Not sure if anyone will ever read this, but if you are: Hi, I guess.