Follow your Spite

Spite is seriously undervalued as a force for whatever is is you want to do.

Somebody said you can’t lift 200 pounds?

Someone thought you needed their help with finding a date?

Someone doubted you could write 10 000 words in a day?

Spite, the feeling of “you don’t know my life”

It’s when you know you can do so much more than people think you can, and when the feeling of “I’ can ” overpowers anything anyone ever told you.

If you’ve managed to go trough life without the need of spite, I congratulate you. That is a feat in and of itself. But most of us have been told we can’t, or have felt like somebody told us we can’t.

The thing is… thats a gift. you feel that anger?

I’ve made a post about the glow that you get when you’re working with something that’s perfectly within your sphere of art, something you can relate to.

You shouldn’t be afraid to let your anger take place here. Of course unlimited anger isn’t good, but spite; Determination to see something trough no matter what people see in you. That’s a powerful source.

Be careful who you let get close enough to inspire spite in you. It’s a powerful emotion, and it can lead you to places you never thought you’d be.

Just be mindful of who you give the power to inspire spite in your life. And when they do, don’t let them off easy. Follow your spite, it will usually lead you to what you actually seek, and not the steps in between.

Don’t be apologetic about your spite. I dare say you have your reasons to be spiteful.

The Journey Begins

I really love to write. I feel like I can reach a part of me when I write that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This past summer I spent a lot of time writing, and I feel like I learned a lot. Now the autumn is setting in with friends and studies looming over me, but I still really want to be able to write and feel like I am making progress.

So I figured I would start this blog. The goal is to reflect a little bit every day, I suppose. To be conscious about the way I prioritize, what I focus on, how I am doing and wether I am making any fundamental progress. Here’s hoping this won’t be the only post.

I really want to write the second draft of the story I wrote this summer. Ideally I would be doing this in September and October (I’m already a day behind my daily goal, but lets not focus on that).

In addition I hope to keep up with weekly writing exercises for my writing-group. They’re not big, but they’re fun. And it is really helpful to be able to talk through the exercises with the group.

Not sure if anyone will ever read this, but if you are: Hi, I guess.